Forecasting real time water quality advisories that are 90% more accurate than traditional sampling methods.

Real Time Beach Advisories

A Cost Effective Solution

Identify Sources Of Contamination

Why InteliSwim?

InteliSwim is based on an AI algorithm to reliably estimate the concentration of E. coli in the river. Every year, Canada pours more than 150 billion liters of untreated sewage water into nature and potentially endangering the health of citizens.

The traditional water quality measurement method requires a technician to take a sample (from the shore for example) and then bring it back to the lab for analysis. Then estimating water quality require an incubation time of ± 24 hours. By using these methods, beaches are closed too late – the day after a peak of contamination – putting swimmers at risk.


How does it work?

We work in collaboration with city managers to help them adapt a proactive approach to water management. Our model uses municipalities historical data to learn the complex relationships between the different variables affecting water quality. Once the model is adapted to the city beaches, InteliSwim can determine in real time if the concentration of E. coli in the water is higher than the acceptable standard for swimming.


Artificial Intelligence Model 

We Provide 3 Methods of Communication

Text message alert when water is unsafe and when it returns to normal conditions

Daily e-mail forecasts and a graph of the predictions based on historical data

Access to a Dashboard with hourly predictions and 3-day forecasts

Leveraging artificial intelligence and machine learning to help protect the world’s most valuable resource, Water.

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