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“The Region of Peel has invested significant effort in collecting meaningful data regarding its linear water assets. We realized that there is a correlation amongst these rich data sets which is almost impossible to analyze manually and were looking for an Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning system to help us identify these correlations and make predictions based on them. We came across CANN Forecast Intellipipes’ algorithm and right away realized that this system will be able to meet our needs. CANN Forecast delivered on this big time and helped us accurately forecast watermain cohorts that we should be proactively targeting for inspection, maintenance and replacement thus help us improve the level of service to our customers.”

Imran Motala, P.Eng,

Manager, Water and Wastewater Asset Management

Region of Peel

“We were in search of a process/method that would take our water infrastructure data and evaluate it in such a way that it would enable us to identify the most critical pipes to target for leak detection, repair and replacement. InteliPipes delivered on this by identifying the most at-risk watermain cohorts within our network. These pipe cohorts can now be integrated into our decision-making process to help us maximize our return on investment.”

Mark McFadden, P.Eng Manager, and Debbie Cooper, C.Tech,

Engineering and Transportation Division

Municipality of Chatham-Kent

Winner of the Aqua-Hacking Challenge
Winner of the Défi propulsion DEC Prize
Semi-Finalist Startup Montréal Prize
Recipient of the Generation Water Tech Challenge Award
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