Forecasting which of your city’s water main pipes are and/or will be, most vulnerable to breakage, much more reliable than the traditional approach

Each day, approximately 850 water mains break in North America, costing over $3 billion per year to repair.

As aging infrastructure reaches the end of its life, inadequate replacement plans  are impacting citizens and their communities. Water infrastructure rehabilitation costs are expected to increase in the coming decades as water networks deteriorate, and each unexpected pipe failure comes with a high economic and environmental impact.

InteliPipes, a proactive solution

InteliPipes leverages AI in order to identify the most vulnerable segments of your city’s water mains.

InteliPipes helps city managers transition  towards a more

cost-effective smart city.

InteliPipes allows municipal decision-makers to optimize replacement activities and better estimate the long-term budgetary needs for the maintenance of the water distribution network. Our model uses the historical data of your city’s water network to learn the complex relationships between the different variables that can contribute to water main pipe breaks.

Data sources used



Physical and functional state
  • Static and dynamic pressure
  • Repair history
  • Freezing History
  • and Others
Descriptive and geo-spacial data
  • Installation date of the pipe
  • Length & Diameter
  • Pipe Material
  • and Others

Client Benefits:

Identification of vulnerable pipes most vulnerable to breakage

Reduced rehabilitation costs and wastewater

More accurate estimation of long-term rehabilitation budgets

Turn Your Data Into Insights.

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