AI-Powered Tools For Smart Water Management

Leveraging artificial intelligence and machine learning to preserve one of the world’s most valuable resources: Water

We build reliable decision tools that enable municipalities to protect public health, reduce their operating costs, and become more resilient.


An innovative predictive model leveraging machine learning to reliably predict the concentration of E. coli in urban water bodies.


An AI-based algorithm trained with municipalities water network data to help them identify at-risk pipes before they break.

Clients And Partners

Our strengths lie in the relationships cultivated with Canadian municipalities, governments, non-profits, Canada’s largest research centers & more. Our clients & partners play a key role in bringing CANN Forecast’s mission to life.

Why Work With Us?

Discover what sets CANN Forecast apart. We believe that our tools could be your key to smart water management.

Domain Expertise

A highly qualified team, working in collaboration with research centers, that make data science accessible.


Co-developing smart solutions alongside cities helping them achieve their vision of becoming a smart city.


R&D Activities

To guarantee specialized knowledge and innovative decision-making tools, R&D is at the heart of our strategy. 

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Leveraging artificial intelligence and machine learning to help protect the world’s most valuable resource: Water.

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