Février 2017 – L’équipe Info Baignade devient CANN Forecast Logiciel Inc.

The grand prize of AquaHacing 2016 came with an incubation at a startup incubator of our choice, as well as several hours of legal consultation.

  • Startup incubator :
    After the semi-finals, we asked one of the judges if she could help us perfect our pitch so we could be ready for the new jury of the competition’s finals. Nikitasha Kapoor kindly accepted to mentor us, and she even invited us to meet her the next week at the startup incubator where she was working at the time : District 3.
    The day of the meeting, we had already spent several hours reworking our pitch until it was almost perfect, or so we thought. Nikitasha welcomed us in one of the coziest working environments we had ever been to.

    She was brutally honest about what we needed to improve : the timing, the energy, the intonation, the presentation … we left with 4 pages full of notes, more than ready use them and make our pitch the best it could be.
    After finals, we discovered that as part of the grand prize, we could choose the startup incubator program we wanted to choose. Needless to say we went for District 3.
  • Legal consultation :
    We soon realized that having a marketable proof of concept was very far from being enough. We also had to manage the legal process of becoming a full fledged company. Thanks to the hours of legal consultation offered by the Gaspé Beaubien Foundation, we had the appropriate support to incorporate as a Canadian company, issue and split the shares.
    We were now ready to work with our first client : the City of Montreal.